Saturday, December 13, 2008

Richard Stallman!!

Guys, Richard Stallman is visiting our college.
Oh, by the way, my college is SJCE, Mysore. I now remembered that I have not yet mentioned that in my blog!! Sorry for the lapse. I was so busy, courtesy this autonomous system - with all its accompanying horde of projects and spate of assignments that I could not update my blog keeping pace with all the developments.

I am so excited. I am really looking forward to bunking classes and listening his lecture on FSF and FOSS. God!! I am speechless!! Richard Stallman - The GURU of GNU/Linux. For those who are in our college, don't miss this diamond oppurtunity.

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Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Fourth Poem : Perfidy.

Hi fellas!

This poem was written in the long period spanning from January to August '08. I was feeling a bit lonely and so this theme came to my mind. The theme is of betrayal. Much feeling is hidden inside these 15 stanzas.


Looking out of the dark window
I see nothing but sorrow.
Why, I wonder, this world has to be so cruel,
To make me estrange my own jewel.

Thoughts of the darker kind,
Ride unbridled in my mind.
By emotions, it is swept
Silently my heart wept.

Light, nowadays, doesn’t show the way;
Instead, shows how fickle is destiny's sway.
Why does it happen to me, I don't know.
Why only me, I don't know.

Never had I thought
That our friendship would rot.
Why did god twist our fate
And sinfully foster hate?

I don't know
Why it took so long
Just to figure out
What went wrong.

What can you do
When the closest of your own
Behaves suddenly like
Someone unknown?

Why did your fury
Change our amity into hostility?
Our relationship’s brevity
Cripples me for eternity.

Why couldn’t I envisage
Our relationship’s wreckage?
I am livid with rage
After seeing this sacrilege.

Your wicked treachery
For the sake of authority
Turns my serenity
Into haughty insanity.

It leaves me empty;
It makes me feel guilty.
I've sunk deeply
In the stormy oceans of penury.

All day I just weep.
For trusting you, is this what I reap?
Why did you lie to me?
Why did you betray me?

Hot blood rushes in my veins;
Instead of air, it delivers pains.
Gory visions fill my head
Blinding the thorny path ahead.

Silence, they say, is deafening.
It is what my life is becoming.
I've lost all my fortitude
Rotting in this scary solitude.

My life has been shattered
I've lost what actually had mattered.
There is no peace in my life
What is only left is strife.

I've gone so crazy
The whole world seems to be hazy.
But now I can see the cure for this grim malady
And I'll seek vengeance for this perfidy.

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Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Third Poem : Horace.

Hi again guys!!
This is my third poem that I wrote when I was 13, a couple of days after my second one. This is about a young prince, named Horace. This was inspired by my history text book ;-) and obviously an English movie. In one of 8th standard history classes, the teacher was mentioning the names of famous poems and poets of the era which we were studying then. When she mentioned a poet named Horace, I thought that I had heard the name somewhere else previously. The name brought pictures of a brave emperor in my mind. And then I thought, why not write a poem with Horace as a king.'. And that's how I wrote my third poem.
Long ago in a war-torn empire,
Was a handsome prince named Horace,
Though very young he was,
The talk of his valour never took a pause.

The order of his parents, he always obeyed.
Heed to elder's advice, he always paid.
Only truth was what he said;
People to the right path, he led.

In a vain battle, the king was tied
And by starvation and torture he died.
Seeing this, his enemies sighed
And for the victory, the evil enjoyed.

They gulped bottles of gin,
Celebrating with an evil grin.
They put the body in a bin,
Unaware of the result of their sin.

The enraged youth took the reins,
The soldiers were inspired.
The good fought with brains,
And permanent victory for the evil was denied.

With the fall of the bad,
Full happiness the kingdom's heart had.
But the youth's mother was very sad,
The demise of her husband made her mad.

The prince was made the king
And the people rejoiced; they were on a wing.
Injustice's voice never did ring.
His virtue even his foes began to sing.

Once when the youth roamed the city,
In the disguise of a foreigner,
He fell in love with a fair lady,
The daughter of a poor shopkeeper.

Taking off his false robes, he asked her hand.
Seeing the young king, people began to gather.
In reply to the king's polite demand,
She said, "His majesty, please talk to my father."

Then in the lady's home,
The king said, "I, the ruler of Palsadome,
Ask the company of thy daughter."
Hearing this, very happy was the father.

The news of marriage of the king
Flew with fast fluttering wings.
The king and the lady exchanged the rings
And everyone began to sing.

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Monday, October 27, 2008

Happy Diwali everybody!!!

Sorry guys for the long absence from the blogosphere. I entered my engineering course on 5th Sept and since then I have been busy socializing ;-) . I attended a few events and a competitions, and I was able to win only one of them, which was a Tech Quiz. I had internals too and so I was busy pretending to study. So, I had to keep my blogging instinct at bay :-( . Anyhow, I am pleased to be back now.

Diwali or Deepavali is a great festival that is celebrated in a very pompous manner all over India. The festival, when celebrated safely, is one that lifts the mood up and creates a good feeling. This is well known as the festival of lights. Different lamps with varying sizes, creative shapes and beautiful colours decorate the whole house. This signifies the end of darkness, of ignorance and the growth of knowledge and enlightenment. Various delicacies are prepared and shared. Special sweets are prepared on this occasion.

But on the other hand, we see lots of reports in the media about children and adults alike getting burns and becoming blind from bursting firecrackers. The festival of lights becomes the curse of darkness for these people. So, please avoid crackers and use that money for charity, which will at least brighten the future of some people. It also results in less pollution and less litter. Lets make this Diwali
a green, clean and a happy Diwali.

Let me know how you all are celebrating Diwali this year.

Wish you all a very happy, safe and prosperous Deepavali!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Second Poem : My Fateful Journey.

Poem: A slice of creative writing in verse expressing one’s deep feelings and thoughts through the use of a melodious and graceful language.

I wrote my first poem when my sister was preparing for the exams she took to get into a good engineering college. I was just 11 then and I was idolising her. She needed a bit of hope and I wrote it to motivate her, though I think she didn’t even get an iota of motivation through it. It had a few lines and was a very simple poem.

Then, when I was 13, I wrote a poem about a train mishap. My maternal grandparents were in Nagarcoil, Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu and we used to visit them travelling by the trains. That year had witnessed many train accidents and when a serious one took place involving the train we used to take, my mind was thinking about them. Then the idea of writing a poem flashed to me and that’s how I started writing my second poem. This is a tribute to them.

My Fateful Journey.

I was a playful kid;
Naughty pranks, I always did.
Ten years after my birth,
I was sleeping in a train berth.

I was woken up suddenly
In the middle of my journey.
The bridge was smashed,
And the train had toppled.

Water gushed everywhere,
Loud screams filled the air.
"I am the king", the river roared,
Everybody was flabbergasted.

I didn't know how to swim,
I was enslaved by fate's whim.
But then the villagers came,
Our angels they became.

I am lucky as I am alive,
Only a few were lucky were to survive.
That fateful journey, I can never forget
However old I get.

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Friday, August 08, 2008

Namaskar Folks!!!

Namaskar Folks!!!

Think ::: Use or exercise the mind or one's mental strength in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments to gain knowledge, which is the psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning.

Thinking is word that I think I can use to define the eternal process, which occupies my mind every moment of the day. This forces me to pour my mind over anything of interest on which my senses choose to rest and my interests are as varied as the culture in the country that bore me.

What do I think about? Well, about anything and everything. I think why Linux is unpopular, why the so-called the simple 1-2-3 nuclear deal is so complex and problematic, why the U.N. still considers Netaji S.C Bose as a terrorist, why did J.K Rowling decide to tarnish Dumbledore’s image, why Gandhiji choose to divide India after uniting it, why do my parents don’t like rap and hip-hop or at least something slow and melodious like Enigma, how can I become a friend of the squirrels which seem to roam about with so much freedom, why did God, if He exists, choose to create life (as far as I know) on only one small planet which would probably cease to exist in another five billion years (only if man didn’t destroy it earlier than that ;-) ) and so on.

Imagine this ‘thinking’ to plague your mind from the moment you come to your senses in the morning till the moment when sleep overtakes it only after you spend an hour tossing in the bed. Now you can understand why I find it difficult to give a definite name to it (though my father just blames my lazy attitude towards exercise as the cause for my sleeplessness :-P). This ‘thinking’, along with a helpful dose of knowledge and logical reasoning as well as a wee bit of creativity, enables me (or should I say forces to take a stance or at least form my own opinion on whatever that comes under my notice.

And so, dear chums, instead of brooding and keeping my thoughts to myself, I’ve decided to write a blog voicing my thoughts and give a definite shape to my creativity. Feel free to voice your own thoughts, views and opinions here in the comments section and keep the Hitz counter ticking.

PS : Today is 08-08-08. Moreover, the day when my best friend S.V.Bhide (who incidentally shares the same first name as my father) descended to earth 18 years ago. So this day is surely of importance. And since I have (re-)launched my blog, even more so, don't you think?