Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Sorry pals!

I know I have sinned and committed the Himalayan blunder of the blogging world. I should have posted a simple "Hi fellas" at least. But I had my reasons - my sis's engagement, my sem-end exams, her marriage, monthly tests and a bit of laziness on my part have all conspired against me and kept me away from my own "thoughtful self" ;-) Well, I am glad its all over now.

Now that I went through my blog again, I saw that I have loads to upload and I really don't know where to start from. Well, that Stallman's speech was awesome. The special thing was that there was a hoax call telling that a bomb will explode at 1.30 pm that day but the seminar went on without a hitch, except for the cancellation of the Q session. Anyhow I only got to know about the bomb at 1.45 pm ( after I got his autograph - "Happy Hacking!!" ;-) and questioned him outside about Microsoft's infant Open Source OS - " Singularity" but he did not have any inkling of what it was ). Anyways, I am hale and hearty now - so don't worry! I am in one piece too :P !

Then, my sister's marriage!! Well it went on real good and it was a lot of fun - at least for me ( my parents were relieved when it was over :-) Boy! They were so tired! ). Of course, they had so much on their hands and I was of not much of a help staying in Mysore. The strict attendance rules of our "Autonomous" college prevented me from being of any significant help. Well, I would not be of any help anyways, being as lazy as I am ;-P .

My exams went ok too, though not too good. The recent test went well. Well, in the meanwhile, I managed to win both the tech quizzes held by LCC ( Linux Campus Club) of my college. It was a lot of fun. I managed to learn a lot and keep apace with the seniors in the CS dept. I still have to learn a lot though. I had no idea of the things the organisers deemed elementary while asking questions.

And here is good news! My article titled "Mobile Operating Systems" came in the IEEE magazine "INTERFACE"! I will post it shortly. It was just an intro to the various mobile operating systems making waves today. And I made it to the Editorial Board of my college magazine "Jayzine". I am in the English section. I hope I can improve my creativity by mingling with the great minds of my college.

Oh, I have written a couple of poems too though not for the magazine. I shall post it when the time is ripe.

Well, that's about it. Stay tuned for further updates :P.

Feel free to comment below! Complain, criticise, slam me, pat me, praise me - just do something.


Nitish B said...

Do post all of ur poems..

Rajath V S Moodithaya said...

Sure I will do it gradually.

Your comment is the first one of my blog. Congrats and thanks a lot.

Keep visiting and keep commenting.

Reshma said...

How about posting the poem on vaishu :) ??