Monday, August 02, 2010

My nephew ~:0

Guten Tag!

It has been a while since I last posted here. Hmpf... yeah, okay... more than a while! Well, I'm not gonna make some silly excuse for that. I've been busy at times and when I wasn't, I was still busy being lazy :P A part of the blame should be taken by twitter for being such an addictive tool for micro-blogging. Moreover, twitter doesn't need a net connection (YAY SMSTWEET!!!) and I don't have a reliable net connection. I'm sure I'm not the only one who left his blog and switched to twitter.

Anyway, I'm back again, mostly because I'll be writing stuff more than 140 characters :D

A friend of mine came over to Bangalore and we hit a couple of malls and watched the awesome Toy Story 3 in 3D. The creativity of the Disney/Pixar guys has to be lauded. BTW, the 3D trailers of Tron and Resident Evil: Afterlife looked great. Those two movies seemed to really use the 3D tech in a more involving way than any of those I've seen till now. Then we made a trip to Wonder La which ended up with me sporting a rowdy look. I fell down while climbing down a net on my face (OUCHH!!! :'( ) I got a few embarrassing tattoos on my face! It is somewhat okay right now.

Btw, if you are wondering what that strange symbol is after the title, it is apparently the emoticon for babies (: Well, as you can see (or you might already know), my eldest sis was blessed with a son on May 22nd, 2010 and I was thrilled. I love kids and the opportunity to look after a new-born was looming on me. I was so excited! I had study leave back then and my sem-end exams were starting from June. I didn't have much time to play with him (rather my parents didn't let me!) Well, then I finished my exams and returned and all I'm doing from two months is play (that's what I think I'm doing) with him, surf internet and watch a few movies.

It is amazing to see the intellectual development of an infant. The feel of the supple skin is nothing like what I've touched in my life. So smooth and soft!!! The way he shows recognition of different faces, voices, lights and objects is marvellous and the manner in which these ways change as he grows up is wonderful. It is truly delightful to spend time with a baby (well, at least until he decides to unleash the withheld forces of pee, poo or spew on you.) Words aren't enough to describe the beauty of it (or is it because I'm running out of adjectives here ;P )

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MDG said...

Beautiful baby! congrats! I am also a new aunt since 9 months now. Wonder La, we've driven past it a few times and I've always wondered what the heck it is! Thanks for clarifying it's a place you can climb ropes and fall on your face! ;)

Rajath V S Moodithaya said...


Thanks for stopping by my blog! He looks cuter now. Will upload a pic later.

I'm studying in Mysore and regularly visit my home in B'lore, kinda every weekend. So, every time I come and go, I pass by it and was wondering what it would be like. This was my first trip to Wonder La and boy, was it exhilarating! LOL, the bruise was TOTALLY WORTH IT :)

If you haven't been there, make it your next destination. Go there on a weekday though. Even though we visited on a weekday, there were so many people! You need a whole day to enjoy all the rides and even that isn't enough. Don't miss the laser show in the evening.

Since you were in the US, ymmv :) But it has been the best experience for me here.

Anonymous said... sweet ! Baby looks so cute...& I like your blog too! Its funny & well expressed.

Anonymous said...

Good Afternoon

Awesome blog, great write up, thank you!

Rajath V S Moodithaya said...

Thanks :)
Hope you keep coming back!