Friday, August 08, 2008

Namaskar Folks!!!

Namaskar Folks!!!

Think ::: Use or exercise the mind or one's mental strength in order to make inferences, decisions, or arrive at a solution or judgments to gain knowledge, which is the psychological result of perception, learning and reasoning.

Thinking is word that I think I can use to define the eternal process, which occupies my mind every moment of the day. This forces me to pour my mind over anything of interest on which my senses choose to rest and my interests are as varied as the culture in the country that bore me.

What do I think about? Well, about anything and everything. I think why Linux is unpopular, why the so-called the simple 1-2-3 nuclear deal is so complex and problematic, why the U.N. still considers Netaji S.C Bose as a terrorist, why did J.K Rowling decide to tarnish Dumbledore’s image, why Gandhiji choose to divide India after uniting it, why do my parents don’t like rap and hip-hop or at least something slow and melodious like Enigma, how can I become a friend of the squirrels which seem to roam about with so much freedom, why did God, if He exists, choose to create life (as far as I know) on only one small planet which would probably cease to exist in another five billion years (only if man didn’t destroy it earlier than that ;-) ) and so on.

Imagine this ‘thinking’ to plague your mind from the moment you come to your senses in the morning till the moment when sleep overtakes it only after you spend an hour tossing in the bed. Now you can understand why I find it difficult to give a definite name to it (though my father just blames my lazy attitude towards exercise as the cause for my sleeplessness :-P). This ‘thinking’, along with a helpful dose of knowledge and logical reasoning as well as a wee bit of creativity, enables me (or should I say forces to take a stance or at least form my own opinion on whatever that comes under my notice.

And so, dear chums, instead of brooding and keeping my thoughts to myself, I’ve decided to write a blog voicing my thoughts and give a definite shape to my creativity. Feel free to voice your own thoughts, views and opinions here in the comments section and keep the Hitz counter ticking.

PS : Today is 08-08-08. Moreover, the day when my best friend S.V.Bhide (who incidentally shares the same first name as my father) descended to earth 18 years ago. So this day is surely of importance. And since I have (re-)launched my blog, even more so, don't you think?


Anonymous said...

Are you sure that S.V.BHIDE is what you think ????

juno said...

I think.. y on earth u r soo brainy!!!! give it some pause bro!!! i know u..n u r pretty damn good..keep it up :)

Rajath V S Moodithaya said...

Hey Juno!

Thanks for dropping by! This is a very old blog of mine. Had almost forgotten about it. :)
BTW, do I know you?! :P