Saturday, November 15, 2008

My Fourth Poem : Perfidy.

Hi fellas!

This poem was written in the long period spanning from January to August '08. I was feeling a bit lonely and so this theme came to my mind. The theme is of betrayal. Much feeling is hidden inside these 15 stanzas.


Looking out of the dark window
I see nothing but sorrow.
Why, I wonder, this world has to be so cruel,
To make me estrange my own jewel.

Thoughts of the darker kind,
Ride unbridled in my mind.
By emotions, it is swept
Silently my heart wept.

Light, nowadays, doesn’t show the way;
Instead, shows how fickle is destiny's sway.
Why does it happen to me, I don't know.
Why only me, I don't know.

Never had I thought
That our friendship would rot.
Why did god twist our fate
And sinfully foster hate?

I don't know
Why it took so long
Just to figure out
What went wrong.

What can you do
When the closest of your own
Behaves suddenly like
Someone unknown?

Why did your fury
Change our amity into hostility?
Our relationship’s brevity
Cripples me for eternity.

Why couldn’t I envisage
Our relationship’s wreckage?
I am livid with rage
After seeing this sacrilege.

Your wicked treachery
For the sake of authority
Turns my serenity
Into haughty insanity.

It leaves me empty;
It makes me feel guilty.
I've sunk deeply
In the stormy oceans of penury.

All day I just weep.
For trusting you, is this what I reap?
Why did you lie to me?
Why did you betray me?

Hot blood rushes in my veins;
Instead of air, it delivers pains.
Gory visions fill my head
Blinding the thorny path ahead.

Silence, they say, is deafening.
It is what my life is becoming.
I've lost all my fortitude
Rotting in this scary solitude.

My life has been shattered
I've lost what actually had mattered.
There is no peace in my life
What is only left is strife.

I've gone so crazy
The whole world seems to be hazy.
But now I can see the cure for this grim malady
And I'll seek vengeance for this perfidy.

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