Sunday, November 09, 2008

My Third Poem : Horace.

Hi again guys!!
This is my third poem that I wrote when I was 13, a couple of days after my second one. This is about a young prince, named Horace. This was inspired by my history text book ;-) and obviously an English movie. In one of 8th standard history classes, the teacher was mentioning the names of famous poems and poets of the era which we were studying then. When she mentioned a poet named Horace, I thought that I had heard the name somewhere else previously. The name brought pictures of a brave emperor in my mind. And then I thought, why not write a poem with Horace as a king.'. And that's how I wrote my third poem.
Long ago in a war-torn empire,
Was a handsome prince named Horace,
Though very young he was,
The talk of his valour never took a pause.

The order of his parents, he always obeyed.
Heed to elder's advice, he always paid.
Only truth was what he said;
People to the right path, he led.

In a vain battle, the king was tied
And by starvation and torture he died.
Seeing this, his enemies sighed
And for the victory, the evil enjoyed.

They gulped bottles of gin,
Celebrating with an evil grin.
They put the body in a bin,
Unaware of the result of their sin.

The enraged youth took the reins,
The soldiers were inspired.
The good fought with brains,
And permanent victory for the evil was denied.

With the fall of the bad,
Full happiness the kingdom's heart had.
But the youth's mother was very sad,
The demise of her husband made her mad.

The prince was made the king
And the people rejoiced; they were on a wing.
Injustice's voice never did ring.
His virtue even his foes began to sing.

Once when the youth roamed the city,
In the disguise of a foreigner,
He fell in love with a fair lady,
The daughter of a poor shopkeeper.

Taking off his false robes, he asked her hand.
Seeing the young king, people began to gather.
In reply to the king's polite demand,
She said, "His majesty, please talk to my father."

Then in the lady's home,
The king said, "I, the ruler of Palsadome,
Ask the company of thy daughter."
Hearing this, very happy was the father.

The news of marriage of the king
Flew with fast fluttering wings.
The king and the lady exchanged the rings
And everyone began to sing.

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