Thursday, June 25, 2009

Poem : Her & Me.

Hi fellas!

My college kept me really busy since my last post with a spate of seminars, quizzes, tests, reports and what not! Well, now I am done with my II sem-end exams and so, I'll be updating my blog frequently. It feels so frustrating to apologise and/or make(?) excuses every time you can't take time to blog! I don't have access to net from my hostel, so it just makes it so much harder than it already is. Probably I have to start MoBlogging :P.

Q: Why do they call Mobile blogging as MoBlogging?

A: WHY??!! Try doing BileBlogging. YUCKK!!!]

OK, OK, I know I digress. It was just a futile attempt of mine to catch up with the PJoKings of our class. I guess they are on a different level altogether. Don't even dare to ask me about my lecturers ;P.

SJCE's ( i.e my college's) magazine titled 'Jayzine' got released during the college fest 'Jayciana'. I had my two poems published in it. ( Had? I am in the Ed Board, remember? :D ) Well, one was my lengthy, lonely, sad and angry poem - 'Perfidy', and the other was named 'Her & Me'. I also did a part of the achievements section and collected the one-liners for filling up. I thought of 'Her & Me' when I just sat outside my home in Bangalore gazing at the hazy stars. She had visited my home only a couple of weeks before. I completed the poem while shuffling between B'lore and Mysore.

Her & Me.

She stepped out of the car
Avoiding the puddles with care.
Soft lips curved as she saw
Me looking at her face fair.

Beautiful glittering eyes looked into mine,
Joyful tears dissolving in the rain.
As I lifted her up in my arms,
She enveloped me with her charms.

The fragrance of the pink flowers
Bedecked on her soft hair
Refreshed me like a cool shower
And knocked me out of air.

We played together,
We laughed together,
And when we danced
It was I who tripped.

Sometimes I was a horse, sometimes an elephant,
And a victim to many an endless rant.
Funny that a cute tiny child three feet
Can tame a wild man six feet.

The source of inspiration for this poem was my very little cousin, a cute toddler, Vaishnavi who bounces around for a whole day whenever she sees me.

PS: I am not six feet tall. Her father is that and more :) .
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Thanks very good for report, I follow your blog